Using IFTTT to Automate Content Management


Jake Davy

By Jake Davy
on Mar 20 2016

I’ve been wanting to create this site for a while, and I’m pumped it’s finally come together.

I designed this as a place where I can curate, create, compile and share content from all around the internet. This is content that I’ve been reading, listening to, watching, using, drawing inspiration from or thinking about in some way or another.

The intention is to help me organise and easily find stuff that I’ve bumped into across the many many apps and sites that I frequent. On top of that it’s an outlet for my own ideas where I can easily link to the podcasts, articles, videos, and designs that educate and inspire me.

Underneath is this carefully constructed web of IFTTT recipes. These recipes are constantly sending content between apps, helping me discover, save, publish and share.

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